Home Playstation Forum whats the difference between the new ps3 and the old one?

whats the difference between the new ps3 and the old one?


Im in the market for a ps3 and i want to know if the new ps3 lesser quality than the old one?plz help thank you

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  1. it’s the only one still in production, after the fatboys leave the shelves you will only be left with the slim.

  2. The differences between the two really are not that major. Certainly nothing that automatically makes one better than the other.

    Slim uses roughly 34% less power than the newer Fatboys. That translates to about 96 watts-100 watts power consumption for the Slim. The Slim may be more efficient, but its still somewhat of a power hot (considering the PS2 used only 50 watts and I believe the Wii is around that range). Plus its not like the difference in power consumption between the PS3s will save you $30 on your electric bill.

    Slim is roughly 34% ligher and smaller in size overall.

    Slim is longer in length than the Fatboy model.

    Slim has the option to install a Linux OS removed.

    Slim does not have a power switch at the back.

    Slim has click eject and power buttons instead of touch panel ones.

    Slim has Sony’s Bravia Sync feature.

    Everything else is essentially the same, including the 2 USB ports and the hard drive type. Yes, the hard drives have different capacities, but I don’t really consider that an advantage since it can be upgraded easily in all PS3s and many PS3 owners upgrade it regardless of the hard drive size. The PS3 game library and content library is getting bigger everyday so we’re all gonna have to upgrade eventually.

    Why can’t we just say both PS3 models are very good and worth every penny? Nothing really stands out that makes one better than the other.

  3. Well there are a bunch of different options you have. I would suggest you go to playstation.com and check them all out. The main differences between the PS3 slim and fat are that the PS3 Slim is smaller, uses less energy, and has more memory than the previously released fat versions.

  4. Well, I do know that the old ones were backwards compatible, meaning they can play ps2 and ps1 games, but I don’t know if the quality is different.

  5. doesnt have the biggest harddrive yet. some people are ignorant. biggest hdd is 160GB its better than the older one because it can be controlled by the TV only through HDMI.

    its cons over the older one. no backward compatability, no sa-cd, no shiny, no touch button, no 4 slot usb, no memory card readers. doesnt look as nice

  6. first off the old ps3 was backwards compatible. it allowed you to play ps2 games into the ps3. the new ones do not have. and second, I think there are less usbs? I think there is something else. but those are the two big ones.

  7. The new PS3’s are not backwards capable as stated with fewer USB’s. Also the newer PS# do not allow another OS to be installed from my understanding

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