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whats the difference between an XBOX-360 with 20GB and and one with 60GB?


does that mean the games played on them work better or what

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  1. its memory space man common everyone knows that 20GB isnt alot but they should get the average gamer through his troubles but if you have a 60GB then you dont have to worry about running out of space

  2. The 60gb has a Jasper Chip {smaller CPU which allows for the fans to cool the 360 more thorough} & has a better chance at preventing the Red rings of Death hardware failure. Also, there is a lot more room in the hardrive for game saves & online purchases,etc. But, the games still function the same on either system, it’s just that you will be able to play ‘more’ games on the 60gb Xbopx 360!! Glad I could Help!

  3. the 60 GB 360 has a HDMI port like the one is the Elite system, and it is the same Price of the Pro or the 20GB

  4. it all depends on how you will use that memory if you have a lot of music and vids it the hard drive them you may want to get a 40 or even 50 to store all the music ,games ,and vids into it.

  5. the difference is 40 GB.all that is is extra storage space for things like music, videos, games and etc. It doesnt make anything run faster but if u download alot of stuff on xbox live then it may be worth the upgrade.

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