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What should i get – PS3 Slim 120 GB, or PS3 original 80 GB, both $299?


I want to get a ps3 here, but now that there is a ps3 slim now, im not sure wat to get, which one is better, which one would you buy?


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  1. Fatboy 80 GB because its the more proven model. The Slim has been out for two weeks; I don’t know how its gonna perform after 8 months of solid use. The Fatboy console has been out for about 2 years; I know how it will perform after 8 months of solid use.

    Hard drive size does not matter. 80 GB is still a good chunk of space to start out with and you’re gonna need to upgrade it at some point anyway, especially if you are gonna get a lot of media items put on it.

  2. i just bought the slim today. it is awesome. i chose the slim because the hard drive is bigger (for the same price as the fat), its smaller and i like the look of the slim better than the fat one.

  3. please listen to me. i already have a ps3 from a year ago, and follow ps3 happenings closely. reallly what it comes down to is if you want 40gb more for the same price get slim. if you are wanting to run linux or another os, the slim cant do that, in that case get fat. but really, you should just get slim. oh, and no ps3s in production play ps2 games, so whatever dumbass noob said that should be reported for being stupid.

  4. Man seriously get the ps3 fat dont listen to people who say get the ps3 slim, ps3 fat is way better and here’s a couple of reasons why:

    1. You can turn your ps3 fat into a computer by installing yellow dog linux which you cant do in a ps3 slim.

    2. Most ps3 fat’s are backward compatable with ps2 games.

    3. Ps3 fat has faster blu ray so it loads movies faster

    4. ps3 fat looks way nicer and feels much better with it’s glassy cover and slope on the top

    i am sure i could come up with a couple more but here are some on why you should go with the ps3 fat.

  5. On the PS3 original, you can put Linux and some other operating systems, but on the PS3 Slim, you can’t. That is the one thing that is bad about the PS3 Slim.

    The good things about the PS3 Slim, is that it is smaller, and it won’t run as hot, so it won’t over-heat as easily. It is also much faster.

    I would get the PS3 Slim because they’re the same price, so if you get the PS3 slim, you get all the faster stuff, and a bigger hard drive.

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