Home Playstation Forum what ps3 game should should i get?

what ps3 game should should i get?


here’s the list of games i already have so please dont include them

saints row 2

saints row 3

gta 4

killzone 2

cod 4


battlefield bad company 2

battlefield 3

killzone 3

black ops


crysis 2

red dead redemption


little big planet

and heres the games that i want

gta episodes from liberty city

resistance 3

dead island

uncharted 3

la noire

mafia 2

deus ex human revolution

btw i hate cod.

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  1. Dead Island is an awesome game. L.A. Noire is pretty wicked but you got to pay attention to everything in that game. Have you tired any of the fallout’s? there pretty time consuming

  2. Resistance 3- Is decent. The online isn’t operating at 100%, but it’s fun Dead Island-Not that great after a few days GTA- Online is ok, long campaigns L.A Noire- boring after a few missions Mafia 2- Short, repetitive & dull Deus ex human revolution- Decent storyline , but no replay value. Uncharted 3- Short, repetitive & the same as the 1st except with multiplayer. I recommend: dead island, resistance 3, & gta episodes from liberty city

  3. All of them They’re each phenomenal games. If you can only get One, get Uncharted 3, considering you dont have the past 2 games. It’s a new experience.

    ( NOTE : Buy Uncharted 1 and 2 along with the 3rd one. You’ll enjoy the story mode more.)


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