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What is the price of PS3 in India?


What is the price of PS3 60 GB, 80 GB in India? I don’t want to buy 40 GB because it has no backwards compatibility.

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  1. Sony has put a price tag of Rs.39,990 on the PS3 in India. If you are planning to buy an additional SIXAXIS wireless controller, you will have to shell out Rs.2,990. Gamers can also purchase the Blu-ray Remote Control and HD-MI Cable, both of which cost Rs.1,990.

  2. If you were to buy it off ebay.com then it should cost the same as United States but the shipping my cost you 10 to 15 dollars more. on ebay an 80gb mgs4 bundle ps3 (probably the easiest one to find right now) Sells for an average of $350 to $399 new.

  3. well the 60gb is discountinued so no retail sellers should sell them and the 80gb would sell but it would be better to check a website and see how much they sell in that country

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