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What format does a playstation 3’s HDD use, and can I backup the data on it to my computer?


My friend’s PS3 just got the “Yellow Light of Death” (which I hadn’t heard of until today). He says he wants to back up his saves and the rest of his information, but has no idea where to start.

With a little research I found that a PS3 HDD is just a 2.5″ laptop hard drive, however I have a few questions before I can help him.

1) What format does a PS3 HDD use? Fat32, NTFS, etc?

2) Can I back up his data to my computer, or just transfer the hard drive to a new playstation and have it work without having to format it?

3) What tools can I use to back up this data, or should I just image it?

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  1. 1) It uses its own special format with special encryption.

    2) No, due to the encryption, no other system will read it, no matter what. If put into a new PS3, it will format it specifically for that PS3.

    3) You can’t, period. The ONLY way to back up data on a PS3 drive is if the original PS3 is still working to access the data and put it on an external device.

  2. 1) Use FAT32, the PS3 format itself with current HDD or new replacement.

    2) Can only backup SAVEGAMES, MUSIC and PHOTO to USBDrive or External HDD (both must be in fat32).

    3) Can backup the system to an external HDD. Can also restore from the external HDD.

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