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What are some good WW2 games for xbox 360?


I’ve got COD WAW and Medal of Honor Airborne but I’d like some new ones. Maybe something that harks back to the old medal of honor games where you don’t go around everywhere in a massive team which is more interesting and secretive and spy-like than running in guns blazing. Preferably they should be rated less than 18 or whatever the highest age rating is called where you are.

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  1. hmm. world war 2 games on the 360 k here’s a few you don’t have/played

    Call of Duty

    Call of Duty 2

    Call of Duty 3

    Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

    The Great Escape. i can’t think of anymore as the rest are on the old XBOX original hope my answer helps you mate 🙂

  2. due to my crappy laptop, i can’t help u search.

    i remember i played one game relating to WW2 but i can’t check my xbox games on xbox.com

    if no one answers, i’ll get back to u

  3. Hi,

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  4. hi

    medal of honor allied assault

    company of hero’s

    battlefield 1942

    brothers in arms hells highway

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