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Use a friend’s XBox 360 Gamertag on my XBox 360 to download over something he purchased over XBox Live?


I want to play the new COD:WaW Map Pack 1 but i don’t have any Microsoft Points to buy it. I’m poor. 🙁

I was wondering if I could use his gamertag on my XBox 360 to download that Map Pack 1 which he already has purchased.

Also, would he be able to recover his gamertag back after I have used it?


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  1. doesn’t work like that. you can use his gamertag on your xbox to download the map to your xbox but once you sign in to your gamertag you can’t play the map because it was downloaded under your friend’s gamertag.

    of course he can recover the tag back to his xbox though.

    if you need ms points i can help you out (for free)

    i’ll try to give you the real deal and in return hope you can help me out instead by signin up under the link i give you (yes its my referral link but you lose nothing and i gain a little something for trying to help you out)

    rewards1 is your answer. i was in your same position – just wanted ms points without paying for them lol.

    [url is not allowed]

    it’s a rewards site obviously. you do free offers and get points to redeem for prizes.

    1600 ms points is 20 points on rewards1 which you could earn in a couple of days workin a little bit (although it does get tedious, it’s still free)

    you just do free offers for points (usually about.5 to 1.5 points for free offers) and if you have 20 points you can request ms points prize and they’ll email you a code i think (thats how i got mine anyway).

    basically you fill in yes no surveys and you just click no for all of them. there’s also questions to sign up for trial offers labeled ‘silver, gold, or platinum’ and those you can just click the minimum offers they ask then close those pages and move on. if you need help with offers theres a forum and good community to help you out with that.

    this video shows a good tutorial on correctly doing offers for points. [url is not allowed]

    that’s all i can say except good luck buddy.

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