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The best bluetooth headset for the PS3?


I have heard that the Jabra BT 125 and the Official PS3 headset was good but which is better? Also some other recommendations would be nice.

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  1. The official PS3 headset

    If you are going to get just the headset ($50) just buy the SOCOM Confrontation bundle, so basically you are getting a game for an extra $10.

  2. I just want to clarify to the Socom Bundle pricing the first guy said.

    It is not $40 for game and Head set, it is $59.99 for it. $39.99 is just for the game only, which means your getting the headset for $20.

  3. I have the Official Bluetooth for the PS3, and I think it’s pretty good. It lasts long enough for long gaming sessions, (just make sure you fully charge it), you can wear it on both ears, it’s pretty comfortable, my ears aren’t symmetrical lol, so it only feels good on one ear.

    If you are going to get it, I recommend you get it with the SOCOM bundle, if you like that game, if you don’t it doesn’t really matter. You can sell it, it only costs $40 for both the game and headset, it comes with it’s own charging cable, dock and and extra rubber ear piece.

  4. I would suggest the official one. The jabra is good but not as good as the official one. Also the motorola S9 works quiet well. Since it has in-ear headphones, the sound is better and the thing is really good looking and matches the PS3.

  5. The Official headset is paired with SOCOM, and the Jabra is paired with Warhawk(retail version). If you want a bundle version, get SOCOM w/Official headset. If you want to buy one separate from a game, get the Jabra for 20 bucks. The Official alone is overpriced.

  6. i’d get the official ps3 headset, i felt it the most comfortable since it’s a half circle around your ear and the Jabra BT which model?

  7. Just invest in any bluetooth. I got the cheapest one at a counter really quick at bestbuy, works fine! You dont need the 50$ ps3 one.

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