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So I was beasting in Kino Zombies in Black Ops on PS3 and me and my friend got to 44, BUT IT DIDN’T SAVE!!?


we got to level 44 on kino and it saved the high score for him and highest rounds for him but for me it only saved the highest score and it only says some crappy score of like 29 for highest round. i mean like WTF i deserve to be higher if i busted my @$$ gettin to 44. Did this happen to anyone else and if there is anything to do to change it to 44 please tell me. also i was host so idk wtf is up with this

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  1. huu that sucks man. but that Happened to me before, me and my friend we playin and got to level 43 and same as u just our scores saved but not round survived. there’s nothing u can do. in my case we played again another day and we made it to 47 and that one it did record so I guess it just a bad glitch, so try again. and just to correct the guy b4 me it doesn’t matter if it’s private I always do private with my friend.

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