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Smashed my ps3 controller! Need help?


I smashed my controller on the ground while playing online and switched off my ps3 to cool off after a bad day. Later I booted up and my left analog stick seems to be broken. It functions but it keeps moving up and down in a frenzy. All the buttons and the right stick work fine but my left stick doesn’t.

I don’t wanna buy a new one since the left analog stick is the only one broken. Is there a way to unscrew and probably fix it? It might have been shattered to pieces because I can hear pieces inside it shake.

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  1. Perhaps you should quit acting like a spoiled brat & grow up. Your questions are becoming particularly tiresome.

  2. It’s broken. Next time, (with your new one) don’t throw it on the floor in a fit of rage. Control your temper. Put it down and go punch your bed or something more forgiving.

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