Home Playstation Forum should i get a pre-owned ps3 from cash converters in uk?

should i get a pre-owned ps3 from cash converters in uk?


ive got a xbox 360 but i also want a ps3 to play with my friends who have ps3 and stuff so im trying to save money and ive come across a 120 gb ps3 in cash converters in uk and they want £150 which is a good saving from the £250 they want in argos,but i hear all these horror stories about people buying used electronics and i went to know if its a worthy risk to save money on a ps3,all answers appreciated

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  1. It is not worth the risk my friend. Those horror stories are there for a reason: because they actually happen. Buying used is the silliest thing you can do UNLESS you know the person selling it (which you don’t.) I myself have a 120GB PS3 (which I just recently upgraded the HDD inside to a 320GB) and it still works like the first day I got it. But that’s because I take good care of it. Save up a little bit more to buy a brand new one. Trust me, it will be worth it and its guaranteed to work. It’s only $249.99 + tax which will be just under $283. And on average they last at least 7 years, and can go way more if its taken care of. My system is only about 3 years old. But with used electronics you just never know because a lot of people just want to rip you off. It really isn’t worth your time or money. Be smart about a choice like that and go with a new one that automatically comes with a free year warranty.

    Hope that helps.

  2. If it was me, I would want the security of a manufacturer warranty and the knowledge that its never been used other than by me. Used consoles never crossed my mind before and after my Fatboy died. Once it was officially dead, I headed straight to Best Buy and spend 300 bucks on a brand new Slim. Wouldn’t hesitate to do it again, either.

  3. it is not worth the risk to be honest, i bought one from a shop and a month later it died on me.it is worth looking at the deals for a new one

  4. u can get a 160GB for £182 on Amazon new

    a 320GB with Uncharted 3 & a movie for £230 on Amazon new

    to tell the truth u w8ed kinda L8, most deals/sales are dun.

    get it new from Amazon.

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