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Should i buy the ps3 80gb with metal gear solid now, or wait till it comes out without backwards compability?



  1. Well I was worried about the backwards compatibility thing for a while too, but I decided to just keep my PS2 Slim. So I just play PS3 games on my PS3, and if I want to play my all time favorite shooter on PS2 I’ll just hook it up and go. I wish I would have waited for this MGS4 bundle, it’s my second favorite game series next to RE.

  2. Do you want Metal Gear Solid 4?

    Do you have older Playstation games that could be played on the backwards compatible PS3?

    Is the Metal Gear Bundle cheaper than the one without backwards compatibility?

    Sorry to answer your question with more questions but I don’t feel right telling people what to spend their money on! =D

  3. ok heres the deal if ur a metal gear solid fan like majoir and u have all the games from ps2 why not get it with the backwards.but if u really want u can wait about a month or more till they take it off.personaly i would like to play ps2 games on mine but i got a 40 gb its easyer.

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