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Should I buy a PS3 again.?


I already have a xbox 360 with xbox live, but I would really like to buy a PS3 again second hand so I can play Metal gear solid 4. However Is there any point in getting a PS3 just for the one game although I really want it. :/

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  1. I wouldnt. If there are more games that are PS3 exclusive (5+) you could buy it, but buying one would be a waste of money that you could use to buy more X-Box games. Also, I heard a new MGS will be out on Xbox soon so it would be worth waiting. 🙂

  2. in my opinion, theres really no point in having two systems that are similar, they both have HD, both have live and many of the same games so i would stick with just the 360, maybe you can go to a friends house who has this game and ps3.

  3. Yessss, you should by a ps3 (blu-ray movies!)

    And I’m sure other ps3 games will come out and take your fancy.

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