Home Xbox Forum Recently purchased an XBOX 360 250GB Slim.?

Recently purchased an XBOX 360 250GB Slim.?


I’ve had one in the past, however that was at first release (of the new slim line ones.) Now after getting rid of the last one 4-5 months ago (not enough free time to play) I’ve since bought a new one (with red dead redemption) I recovered the gamer tag and everything, so I’m good to go. The question I’m asking, is that since I purchased DLC’s and dashboard themes for the game Red Dead Redemption, will I be able to re-download them onto this new XBOX without charge? (through my gamertag – which i’d already purchased and downloaded them onto last time)

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  1. It’s on your download history. No charge fee.

    Xbox 360 only has been getting model updates, and Xbox 360 S is the final and definitive one (best of all models).

    If you bought RDR Undead you wouldn’t had the need to bought the single DLC’s.

    You’re talking about the new dlc’s? These ones came on RDR Limited Edition, but they’re pretty cheap so why not. =)

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