Home Playstation Forum Really Need Some DLC on Lbp2(Ps3)?

Really Need Some DLC on Lbp2(Ps3)?


I LOVE Playing Lbp2,And Especially Making Anime Costumes And Other Stuff.(Check Me Out!My Username Is Earthquake247) But I Really Want Some DLC.It s Very Hard For Me ;-; I PUT THS ON MY LIFE,SOUL AND HEART I WILL NOT HACK,ONCE I HAVE IT I WONT TOUCH YOUR STUUF.But My Ps3 User Name Is Earthquake247.


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  1. buy your own dlc or look for the free items for lbp1 and 2 on psn , why would anyone else spend money to buy a stranger dlc and risk getting banned for game sharing or having their identity or account stolen? why would you rsk getting banned or identity theft that can ruin your credit for the rest of your life or have your name on an arrest warrant for fraud when the thief uses your name and steals from banks and credit card companies?

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