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Quick XBOX360 Question (easy points)?


I have a bit of a confusing XBOX360 question. My disc tray will only open if there’s a game in the tray while it’s turned off, it opens perfectly. But if you take out the game, it won’t open. What’s the problem? And should I get it fixed even if it costs $100? Thanks

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  1. DONT listen to the “Oficial Xbox 360 Owner” Just dont call them.So you are telling me that it wont open now cause it doesn have a disc in the disc tray? you could try unplugging everything and then plug it again. you can also press the eject button rather than from the controller. And see if it works. Hope I helped and if it still dont work then yeah.Call M!CR0$0FT

  2. You should unplug everything. Also if that doesn’t work carefully take off the faceplate and see if anything is jammed in there, if not call Microsoft.

    Also The Offcial Xbox 360 Expert is trying to take accounts report as spam plz.

  3. There should be a warranty on that since one of my friend faced the exact same problem. You should call Microsoft.

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