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Question about the XBox 360.?


My XBox got the RROD (Red Ring of Death) and I shipped it out to Microsoft a few days ago. I bought my XBox a few years back, so it doesn’t have the HDMI port in the back because it’s one of the older models. I heard that when an old 360 gets the RROD and is shipped to Microsoft, they send you an XBox WITH an HDMI port. Is that true? Because I recently got a 46 in. HD TV and I want an HD ready XBox 360. Will I get a XBox with the HDMI port?

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  1. In my experience the chances are 50/50. I bought a 360 shortly after release. It went RROD after the HMDI models were out. The replacement did indeed have HDMI. However, when that one went RROD, the 3rd one had no HDMI.

  2. Yes you will get an Xbox with that HDMI port. The same thing happened to my friend last month (he too had the one from a few years back). He got it back with the port in the back of the Xbox. Hope this helps.

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