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PS3 trying to connect to wrong router?


Someone brought their PS3 to my house and it is trying to connect to the router at his house. How can I get it to connect to mine?

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  1. Follow the instructions (for setting up a wifi connection) provided in the online manual. [url is not allowed].

  2. basically just reconnect the ps3 the same way as if it had never been connected at all , so a new connection , manual , wireless , search for the ssid etc.

    to make it easier you can just plug in using an ethernet cable and the ps3 will automatically connect , if it doesn’t you just go into the network settings and change from wireless to wired and it will connect right away

    when your friend takes it back home he’ll have to reconne3ct it again becuase it will try to connect tou your ssid once its set to use that connection , and he will also need to reset the ps3 video ourput if he’s change to another type of tv or output cable , if your tv and his are both hd and using hdmi it will connect still but if you change from an hdmi to component or composite a/v or go from and hdtv to sdtv the ps3 has to be reset ( just look in the online manual on the xmb for instructions )

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