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PS3, PS3 Slim or Super slim?


I am planning to buy a PS3 for GTA 5, I have read comments that the super slim makes noise while playing GTA 5, which one would you recommend me?
From the last news I heard was that they were not interested in making GTA 5 for PS4

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  1. For me best is PS3 Slim. You can get one from these sites

    eBay [url is not allowed]

    Amazon [url is not allowed]

  2. Honestly i like the very first ps3.the ps3 fat.the pros are u can play old ps2 games and it doesnt having any problems.the only con is that it doesnt hold that much memory. But its really up to you. I have a ps3 and a ps3 fat

  3. To put it simply, I find the best PS3 currently is a Slim model. They’re more durable, look better, and just all around great.

    The Super Slims look cheap. I know some people have said they’re really great, but I don’t like the top-loading tray and the way it’s designed. I prefer the slot loading style for the PS3.

    As for the Fat models, you can still find them, but there’s no telling what condition it would be in if you were to get one. Just because someone says it works fine doesn’t really mean anything for being that old.

    So in short: For reliability, durability and dependability, PS3 Slim.

  4. I have the super slim and it doesn’t take up much space the only annoying thing is the memory goes from 8gb to 250gb and I would like about 120g maximum.

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