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Ps3 or xbox controller?


Why often people says that xbox controller is better? I think the ps3’s one is wayy better cz we now it from the ps1 and the ps2,no?

Which one do you think is better an why?

Feel free to answer

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  1. PS3, the rb and lb on the xbox controllers feels awkward two press and although the xbox controllers are supposed to feel more comfortable for people with big hands like myself, i always get blisters on my middle fingers because of the battery pack.

  2. ok i have both consoles and im a sony fanboy so i prefer ps3.but to be honest i actually think the xbox controller is a tiny bit better cuz since its larger it has better grip but at times im more used to ps3 cuz i know it from the ps2 aqnd the ps1 and xbox is abit new to me lol

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