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PS3 – Oblivion?


I want a cure for vampirism in Oblivion on Playstation 3. I need the ingredients to make the potion, who and where I should have it prepared from.anyone have any help?

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  1. Ask Vicente Valtieri in the Dark Brotherhood about Cure for Vampirism. Then talk to Raminus Polus at the Arcane University. Go from there and it will pull up a quest, at the end of the quest you will get a portion of the cure.

    Garlic- Weynon Priory

    Bloodgrass- Oblivion Gates

    Nightshade- between Bravil and Skingrad

  2. Just try to find the help for the 360 version it will probably be the same thing.just put vampirism cure oblivion.into google

  3. if you are part of the Dark Brotherhood, then go talk to that vampire guy.i think his name is Lucian or Chance or sumthin.but he will tell you who.

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