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PS3 No audio please help?


ok so i used to play my ps3 in my room it worked perfectly but then my dad needed it for a while i recently got it back hooked everything back up but still no audio ive changed the sound setting to play through the hdmi cable still nothing please help

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  1. Heres the Howto!

    1. plug in the standard AV cablethat comes with the ps3 so that you have both HDMI AV/SCART plugged into the PS3.

    2.change the Audio AND Video settings to AV/SCART.

    3. After accepting these setting and saving them turn off the PS3 using the PS button menu.

    4. Hold down the power button for 5 long seconds until it beeps 4 times in succession.

    5. This changes your video/audio input to the most easily accessable method of input.

    6. The PS3 will then tell you a HDMI connection is available for use. Select yes when prompted.

    7. Then after confirming the settings with X button you should have sound. scroll back to your sound settings and if its worked it should display it is using the HDMI cable.

    If it displays your using a AV connection for your AUDIO then simply try setting it to HDMI

    Note: After completing this you do not need the AV/SCART cable plugged into the PS3 anymore.

    Hope this helps!

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