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Ps3 fat laser change help.?


Ok, so blu ray drive stopped reading disks. Decided to replace the laser to see if it solved the problem.

Installed new laser (identical model number) but now the ps3 won’t suck the disks in. I have put the old laser back in and it sucks them in fine.

When ever I try with the new laser it won’t take the disks. Can’t be a problem with the motor as it takes disks with the old laser installed.

Any ideas? Could the new laser be faulty?


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  1. Its to do with the mechanism.

    When you removed the disc drive, I bet the game was still installed in the drive wasn’t it, and you removed it as you took the drive apart to get to the laser!

    Essentially this means that the drive still thinks there is a disk in the drive.

    Its not an easy fix, but you need to set the slide mechanism in the drive to the correct position it would have been in when empty, have a look on Youtube or something, there will probably be a video.

    Its a bit of a farce though with quite a few cogs and levers and mechanical stuff to mess with. Take a photo or video yourself through each step, so you can put it back in the same order if you forget what you did.

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