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ps3 fan noise when i insert a game?


ok so i basicly got ps3 slim 160 gb and i cleaned with vacuum nearly everyday but when i bought battleffield 3 it was fine when i bought call of duty mw3 i can hear the fan is that alright or not?

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  1. I have the 80 gb, and I can always hear the fan if the volume is turned off on the tele. Do you hear the fan even when youre having the tele-volume turned on?

  2. its probably fine. check the heat temps though, it could just be really hot in ur area so. its only bad if u hear crinkling sound and stuff.my xbox is as loud as a regular fan on medium speed on any game

  3. I repair computers for a living and have never had contact with any modern games console, But the DVD drive is the same type of device in what ever machine it is in, if it only does it with battleffield 3 then there is possibly a small imbalance with the disc making a sound like the fan, I say this because I have had a couple of people have called me out for the same reason, one person had stuck a 1cm square sticky label on a rw disk and the speed that they spin at makes it whir and vibrate like a noisy fan, have/can you tried a friends copy in your machine or your disc in a friends machine.

    it’s just a thought and hope it helps

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