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ps3 ethernet?


right so i am geting a 40gb ps3 and want to go online i kno i need a ethernet cable but where do i plug it after i plug it into my ps3. on my box thing for the computer thats for the internet only has one space wich is alredy filled up help!!
i am not aloud wire less MORE INFO

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  1. this is from sony and it’s pretty detailed.

    after you’re set up, get the orange box, team fortress 2 is an awesome online game. enjoy!

  2. You’ll need a router. Since PS3 takes WiFi, you should get a wireless router. But from the sounds of things, you aren’t too computer savy, make sure you get some help.

  3. you can ether keep switching the ps3 and the computer but you would have to reset the modem every time. or you could buy a router so you will have more ports to plug in the ethernet

  4. get a wireless router go on your ps3’s network connection settings, go through the menus and test connection

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