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Ps3 and Xbox 360 compatible on a Non hd tv?


I want a ps3, and i am wondering if the Ps3 or Xbox 360 will work on a Non hd tv?

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  1. It should be able to work. The gameplay would be fine as well.

    The only differnece is the graphics might not be as good when compared to a HD Television Graphic.

  2. yeah thay work fine but if u want to get the best out of them get a lcd tv the first chance you get

  3. Both consoles are prepared to be connected to a SD tv however. quality in picture and sound will be much inferior. to a point which it´s more recomended to use an older console (PS2, XBox) to using the 360 or PS3 if it´s a SD tv.


  4. of course, in fact the default video cables provided are composite. in order to ude hd u gotta buy the hdmi cable

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