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Does any HDMI cable work with it? Particularly the Apple TV HDMI cable? Removing the HDMI cable from the Apple TV isn’t going to screw up any of it’s setting or cause any other problems, Right?

The last question is embarrassing to ask, but it’s not my HDMI cable or Apple TV so.

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  1. Any hdmi cable will work. As far as I know all are the same except construction. Hdmi is the same no matter what. Are you suggesting ps3 is messing up its possible. IM me if you have questions. I’m not quite sure wat u asking.

  2. Any hdmi cable will work. They are all the same. No, its not gonna mess up your apple tv. You just wont be able to watch any tv until you put the hdmi cable back into the apple tv. Do you have an HD box? If so, take the HDMI cable out of the HD box.

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