Home Playstation Forum Pls help me I pick PS4? 10 point quick?

Pls help me I pick PS4? 10 point quick?


PS4 stand line at launch? Pls help me.?

I can’t go to stand line too early. I want later pick him at moring and last? Risk I don’t want PS4 sold out. I have per-ording last summer at GameStop alright do I can later pick him at later midnight and moring?

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  1. Are you saying that you pre-ordered the PS4 last summer? I think there could be a good chance that it will be available to you for pick up. The sooner people pre-order something, that more chances they have of actually receiving that game or console the day it is released.

    From what I’ve heard, if a certain game is very popular, they can hold it up in the store for at least 2 days. If not picked up than they will have to sell it. However consoles are a different story, so they might not hold onto it as long, and who knows, maybe last summer might not have been early enough. But I doubt that.

    Than again who knows? This could be like the Nintendo Wii all over again (which I think is funny because no one likes it that much anymore).

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