Home Xbox Forum please help!xbox 360 modern warfare 2?

please help!xbox 360 modern warfare 2?


hey well i want to get an xbox 360 and modern warfare 2 and go online and yea and want the online thing for a year can you please tell me everything i need to get fo my xbox=EVERYTHING that is needed to keep it good and not go back to get somthing

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  1. – An Xbox or Xbox 360

    – An Internet connection (broadband preferable)

    – EITHER: (1) the Xbox wireless network adapter and a wireless gateway hub, if you already have your home configured for wireless; or (2) an Ethernet hub and Ethernet cable

    -A 1 year Gold or Silver membership card that has the code, I suggest Gold cause you get more stuff

    -A headset

    -Credit Card to pay for it

    – Email Account

    -Your address and phone number

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