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playstation mic problems?


Me and a buddy are having problems hearing each other talk, at times we can hear each other but at time we cant. For example, the last time we tried this he could hear me but the only thing I heard was static when he said something. The problem is just between me and him, I can talk and understand everything everyone else says other than him. The problem cant be in our headsets because we are each using brand new ones. In addition, we cannot accept each others party invites on call of duty. HELP?

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  1. if the headsets are connected and setup right and you have good headsets it’s either the game that’s the problem ( some games just have poor voice chat ) or your internet connections are slow or not setup right

    first question , are your headsets good or just the cheapest you could buy , between a crappy headset is no good for anyone , it cuts out or gets feedback and hisses.

    if the headsets are good ones :

    you should both do a connection test on your ps3’s

    if its a poor wifi signal , slow upload and / or download speeds or says either nat type 3 ( bad , restricts your connection ) or upnp unavailable ( also bad , it blocks you from hosting or joining friends ) do whatever you have to and fix your connections

    it just takes one of you to have a poor connection or setup to affect you both so maybe your friends connection is the problem and yours is good?

  2. You probably have nat type 3 which is strict on call of duty. I have the same problem, i cant accept some of my friends invites and my mic sounds like static. I only have mic problems with mw2 and mw3.

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