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Playstation download problem?


I went ahead and bought GTA V on my ps3 assuming that I would only need the 17.2 GB that it says it takes up i have now found out that I need double that but I only have 30GB of free space after clearing my HDD of everything thats on the hard drive. what are my options now. Is there a way to hook up my computer for storage or an external hard drive or do I have to go out and buy a larger internal hard drive

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  1. your option is to install a larger hard drive , that’s really the only thing you can do unless you want to buy the game on disc and only have an 8 gig install

    you’ll need to buy a 2.5 inch sata 5400 rpm laptop hard drive – synch your trophies , unplug the console , take off the hdd cover and remove the screw under it

    slide out the hdd case , take out 4 screws and put in the new hdd ( get yourself a 320 or 500 gig one ) , then put it back together and plug it in

    format the new hard drive , update the fw and log into your account , synch trophies and download your games

    it will cost you about $69 to $89 and take 5 minutes , afterwards you will have enough space for a ton of games and can even get plus and have every one of the 45 games you’d get in the next year on the ps3 at the same time and still have a lot of memory left over

  2. Sorry but they only way other than deleting stuff off of your hard drive is putting in a new pc hard drive. You could however put any videos or movies or music or photos on a hard drive to clear up space but that’s ALL you can put on the hard drive sadly.

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