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Playstation 3.aaarrraahh?


okay im trying to get an 60gb ps3 (i didnt reliase that this would turn out to be difficult), i can get a 40gb one no problem, but would prefer to get my bf the 60 gb one, as i know that is what he’d want,there was loads of deals and stock when i checked last week, i waited until payday and now im finding that the shops are out of stock, and ebay is prob my only option,when i read up on it, its said that when the 60gb ones are all sold, they are not restocking, only the 40gb will be available. my question is, why is this? obv theres an demand, why no more stock of the 60gb?

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  1. Do you wanna know a secret?

    The ps3 was ment to launch sept last year. they already had them made (40gb consoles) but they wanted to make a better console so they added a lot of new featurs (mem slots backwards compatability) and sony spent so much money build their first one so there selling that now but when there gone there gonna bring out the 80gb version exact same as the 60gb a part from 20gb difference and dual shock 3 controller. My advice is either buy a preowned one from game or keep looking I saw some in comet in machester only yesterday GOOD LUCK

  2. Don’t get the 40gb one cuz it is does not have all the features of the 60gb one. They are doing this because they want to get rid of all the 40gb ps3’s cuz they are the older model ones and that is the only way they could sell them. You should just by one online, circuit city is supposed to have good prices.

  3. OOOO Im sorry do to decreasing sales and revenue , Sony cut the Playstation 3 60GB and the Playstation 3 20GB all the is left is the 40GB and 80GB

  4. well keep checking, if you dont find a 60gb get a 40gb 40 still is alot. and with the extra money get a game to go with it.

  5. The 60gb was replaced with the 80gb. The 80gb has the same features and 20 more gigs but only plays about 80% of PS2 games. The 80 gig is $499.99

  6. When Sony discontinued production of the 60GB PlayStation 3, they issued a statement that it’s due to “consumer feedback”, but the fact that they make slightly more profit on the 40GB model may be the actual answer to your question. So, the 60GB has quickly become rarer than a Nintendo Wii. The PS3 40GB obviously has less storage, but you also lose the ability to play PlayStation 2 games. (And it doesn’t have SACD playback or the Memory Card Readers built-in to the PlayStation 3 60GB Premium Console). If you’re lucky you may find a store somewhere that hasn’t sold all the 60GBs yet – otherwise the 40GB is the only option in the UK for now

  7. In the UK and europe SONY has decided to discontinue the 60gb model and concentrate on the 40gb model which is cheaper. The reason they did this was because of consumer demand. Note that the 40gb model does not have backwards compatibility with the ps2.

    I am terribly sorry i think i just bought the very last 60gb model in sainsbury’s today. I was in your predicament (everywhere online has sold out). My advice is to check the places you wouldn’t think of, not places like dixons, but places that you didn’t even know sold games stuff like sainsbury’s and tesco etc. Whsmith, woolworths, argos, littlewoods.

  8. the ps3 is amazing, and sony slowed down production of the 60gb version because they are releasing the 80gb and the 40gb. Why no more 60gb? because the way that they made it were with more expensive parts, but now they found a way to make the same console, just with cheaper parts. They want to eventually discontinue the 60gb, so they will be very rare.

  9. why not an 80gb they are $500 and they have more storage the 60 is discontinued and it doesnt matter how many gigs you get though because you can easily replace them with a laptop drive there are vids on ebay the diff between teh 40gb and 80gb is that the 40 doesnt have card readers and has 2 less usb cords but you can but a usb cord thing that makes 1 into 4 at walmart for about $10 and the difference between the 80gb and 60 gb is just that the 60gb uses a different way to play ps2 games they both play ps2 games its just teh 60gb is supposed to play more

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