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Play station 4? solid confirmation please.?


I was saving to buy a PS3 but then I heard a PS4 will be coming soon can someone give me a solid confirmation when will the PS4 be released because I hate it if I just bought a console then a newer console just came out

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  1. [url is not allowed]

    This may give you a solid idea of what it may look like. Seeing the only difference between the ps2 and 3 was that one was more curvier and had a slot instead of a tray.

    In terms of being release, you are actually better off waiting for a while. Even the WiiU has some potential in the new era of game consoles. The playstation 4 shouldnt really have any differences except for more support and power. Graphics are amazing already. How much better can they get?

  2. I was reading at [url is not allowed] that the console will be released between 2012-2016. I personally don’t believe it will come out until 2014 as there is no rush from Sony to do a new console when PS3 sales haven’t been great and it has only been making a profit for a year. Developers still have not tap PS3’s potential so why come out with a playstation 4? It wouldn’t make sense. i would buy the PS3 because the PS4 is not coming out anytime soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out after 2016.

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