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Original xbox live code work with 360?


I have a bunch of old original xbox live codes that I just found. Will they work with the 360? I googled it but all the searches were old. I read somewhere that there was an expiration date but that they could still be activated. Can anyone confirm?

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  1. Hey because they don’t work on the 360 can I take them off your hands, cause I have the ORIGINAL XBOX still and have been trying to get a subscription but having trouble. Please consider this as CHARITY.lol. Try buying video games (online enabled) because they usually come with free trials also xbox.com will have packages for the 360.

    Please hit me up with a code VIA Email! @ [email is not allowed]

    thank you!

  2. If there is an expiration date on the card then they probably won’t work.

    If you have them though, I’d say just give one a shot.

    Good Luck

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