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New xbox 360 experience wont automatically start up game?


I just got the new xbox experience update and it wont start up nhl 09 automatically when i turn my xbox on. it goes right to the dashboard. It’s reading the disk too because i can still get the “Play NHL 09” option at the dashboard. Is this how every ones is, or is their somthing wrong with mine?

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  1. I’m pretty sure this is how the new is!

    They wanted you to actually use the Dashboard.

    Once you have played the game then it loads the Dashboard to that area where all you have to do is a hit a button. So it isn’t to bad.

  2. it’s a new option,(you can change it) because of the new install the HDD feature, when you insert games, they won’t start right away, you can change this though, go to console settings, then Auto Start, enable it

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  3. It changed the setting to boot to dashboard when you installed the NXE. To change it back to loading the disc, click the Xbox Guide button on your controller, go to settings blade, system settings, console settings, startup, and select ‘disc’

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