Home Xbox Forum my xbox360 disk trey is stuck shut?

my xbox360 disk trey is stuck shut?


it get stucks some times and i pry it out and i will be fine but it wobbles and its kind of weak it was wobbley ever sence i bought it from gamestop refurbished and i dont have the receipt for a warrenty how can i permanatly fix it?

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  1. Maybe that’s why the person that had it before you brought it back. Black ops? Halo 4? Gamertag Toxic0xidex3

  2. It may not be a permanent fix, but it may help.

    A few years ago I had this problem with a friends system. I figured out a strange, and basic repair that almost anyone can perform. The reason that this happens on most systems is that the disk tray is driven by a small motor/pulley connected by a small black rubber band to a pulley connected to the drive gears of the tray. Over time the band will stretch very slightly, causing it to slip on the pulley, rather than grip it.

    To fix it, you first must get the tray to open. This can be achieved manually with the power off, for safety.

    [url is not allowed]

    After the disk tray is in the extended position, you should be able to see the rubber band/ pulley(s).

    turn over the system and on the bottom of the disk tray(near the back), there are small plastic clips that secure it to the ejection assembly. GENTLY pull those clips and the tray should slide out of the drive assembly. Now you should be able to carefully remove the Rubber band from around the pulleys, and out of the console.

    Now for the good part, we are going to add some tackiness to the rubber band. Take a very small amount of Dish soap, as it is non-conductive and gets thicker as it gets hotter/older; and rub it on the band. You may also want to clean the grooves on the disk tray before you re-install it.

    When you re-install the tray, you may want to put some sort of disc in the tray as you slide it back in the assembly (the small amount of weight generally helps the ejection process). Keep it Horizontal for a little while and eject the tray Repeatedly (it may take some tries, as the soap is still wet; but it will dry shortly, and friction helps this process). After a few tries it should grab solid and viola, all without breaking the warranty sticker!

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