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My Xbox Live Friends List Dissapeared Mysteriously HELP!?


i got on xbox live around 9 pm today and tried to send my friend a message but it wouldnt. sent him a party invite, but it wouldnt. so i cut off my xbox and restarted it and evry thing worked fine but when i went to the social tab it said “xbox live would be better with friends” or something like that. i clicked on the friends tab in it and it said i had no friends! so i skyped my friend telling him bout dis and he said i was online when i was on the dashboard so i told him to send me a friend request but it said im already his friend so i sent him one and it said an error had occured. so, luckily, my mom got ingaged so i have a step brother who leaves his xbox in my room, so i turned on his xbox and it says im online so i send myself a message but it wouldnt let me on his xbox. so i went to the social tab and clicked on friends and it said i was online so i clicked on my name and clicked on the friends on it, and it said this person doesnt have any friends. i went to xbox.com and they said something was wrong with xbox live but nothing like this. help!

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  1. Don’t worry! Everybody is getting this problem today and XBOX has mentioned that they are working on it already.

  2. I am having this exact same thing happen to me! Thanks to you asking this i would never have known what was going on! I was about to delete my account and make myself a new one! So, thank you!

  3. No worries Xbox is having technical problems right now. they’ve been having them all day. Some people cant send/receive messages, some cant access netflix, other cant even sign in, and many people have also been unable to access their friends list. Xbox is keeping us posted however here’s a link [url is not allowed].

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