Home Xbox Forum My unscratched xbox 360 game isn’t reading!?

My unscratched xbox 360 game isn’t reading!?


i just bought an xbox 360 game at gamestop and it’s not reading! all of my other games work fine, but it won’t read! it’ll go in, read, then say “open tray”. what’s happening here?

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  1. happens with my wii all the time to new games.

    -blow in the machine to get out any dust

    -dont touch the disk very much because you could be damaging it.

    -it just takes several trys to get it going for some things so dont panick.

  2. well i don’t know but i have a xbox360 and the laser hit the game it made a huge ring around it and it wouldnt come out but sorry i dont know so sorry but dont move around the xbox 360

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