Home Playstation Forum My ps3 will not read ps3 games.?

My ps3 will not read ps3 games.?


ok i have a 40 gb ps3 and have had it since december. and it just stoped reading games after having it for 3 months. so i got the disk drive replaced. and it did it agian.i have no * clue whats and google did not help so you guys might be able to. and the games are in perfect condition. Brand new. so PLEASE help

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  1. lloyd j, stop spamming. the 360 sucks. we all know that. send it to sony if you still have warranty. if not then try having someone look at the lens. may be too far from the disc to read it. that normally happens to my ps2 (almost 10 years old, runs like new). easy to fix.

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