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my ps3 shows no video or audio when i connect it via AV cables.?


I’ve tried all the ports on the TV, and flipped through the video channels. i get nothing.

it worked last time i hooked it up, but we had to do something with it and i don’t remember what that was.

any help would be appreciated.
i mean, i can’t see anything. no other TV’s in the house have AV input, except through a VCR and I tried that too; i still get a blank screen. help!

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  1. Do this:

    -Goto SETTINGS


    -Under connection type, choose the A/V Composite setup

    -Save the settings and you’re done!

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

  2. go to setting then go to display settings when you go there pick the connection that you choose to use for your ps3, which in your case would be av cables.but since it not showing anything at all connect it to another tv and do the setting and connect it to the tv you plan on using.so you can see what your doing when connecting!

  3. well obviously make sure the cable is plugged into the ps3 and to the cable slot on the tv. then turn the ps3 on. then flip through all the auxiliary channels or maybe channel 3 if its through the vcr. otherwise I can’t help

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