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Mass Effect 3 Freezing and Crashing on PS3!! Questions!?


[SPOILERS] So i’ve tried everything. I was at the part right after curing the genophage and saving the citadel from cerberus. I talked to the lady in the commons for helping with the batarian access codes and when i try going to the normandy docking floor (D24), it freezes during loading at the citadel picture. I was so persistent and angry because the extended cut is out and i want to experiance it first-hand, that i deleted the save and started another. It still happens at the scanner in the war room. I tried everything from restoring to defaults, reinstalling game data, deleting corrupted data and even playing other games to see if the freezingg was as bad also (which it wasnt. They wouldnt freeze at all). so what i think is the the disc is somehow malfuntioning or just plainly not functioning anymore. Could you help me out!! i really want to know whats going on because i am a tech-savy person and tried all i could, and still didnt fix it! Im going crazy lol!!

Thanks a Ton!

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  1. It seems you have tried the PS3 fix (deleting the game data and re-installing it) and other games are working as well if I understand you correctly, so that narrows it down to the game disc which is most likely cracked or scratched

    You could try a blu-ray player cleanind disc (you can find them at wal mart), or try some of that disc repair stuff (make sure it’s for blu-ray and not dvd) Other then that, I can only suggest buying or acquiring a new copy of the game

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