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MadCatz PS3 Wireless Controller problem?


Hi, I was using my MadCatz PS3 Wireless Controller and all of a sudden I couldn’t move my player. I was playing COD WaW and I was probably playing for about 30 minutes until it happened. I turned the switch on and off thinking maybe I moved it but it still wouldn’t work. I noticed the “low batt” red light indicator was blinking so I changed the batteries. However, I have changed it about 5 times with different batteries and the low batt is still blinking. I still can’t move my player. I know it’s not the game or PS3 because my brother and sister are playing fine and they’re using a PS3 SixAxis controller and Logitech Precision for it. I bought this controller only last Saturday. Any ideas or know what’s going on? Thanks!

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  1. If you just bought it, and it says “low battery”, then I would assume it has low batteries. If you put new batteries (straight from a package, not from another device or that has been sitting around) in and it still says low battery, then take the controller back.

  2. I wouldnt know I sort of hate 3rd party controllers. and especially ones that USE batteries that you have to replace. SELL IT save some more $$$ and buy another six axis

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