Home Xbox Forum is there going to be an xbox 720?

is there going to be an xbox 720?



  1. Yes, But i don’t think it’s going to be called XBOX 720

    And a new XBOX will probably come out in 2014 or 2015

  2. No, but i would highly approve if there was.

    They only called it the xbox 360 in the first place for marketing reasons.

    The ps2 had been out for ages, and the ps3 was on the way, so they thought that if they released an xbox 2 then people would assume it is equal to the ps2, and that the ps3 is thus the best.

    (actually i think the ps3 is the best. but either way.)

  3. apparently this conversation came up the other day with a microsoft bigwig. and his comments were along the lines that customers werent ready for the 720 as we hadn’t experienced the true power of the 360. he then went on to say that the upcoming release of project natal for the 360 will be the next step forward in the gaming industry. so i dont think we will see a 720 any time soon.

  4. They are actually making an xbox called project natal it looks awesome check it out on youtube.com

    Sorry for the earlier answer this one is right trust me

  5. YES!

    Dude come on there’s always gonna be another one in the making lol. In fact the next one is due to come out in 2012 sometime and project natal is NOT a new xbox its just a add on and thats coming in the beginning of next year.

    Idk if its gonna be called xbox 720 cause thats retarded if u think about it, but on the other hand it could be that it has something to do with 720p resolution on a tv? idk lol. they should just change it to something totally different and call it xbox revolution or nxe. or maybe xbox 3 and skip 2 for no apparent reason lol. knowing MS they will fond a weird number that means something to put in there, it might just be called xbox 1080 and skip like 720 numbers.

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