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Is there a 32 gb xbox 360?


I was offered a trade for my ipod for a 32 gb xbox. and I’m looking online and i can’t find such a thing to exist. Does anyone have one?
Does that flash drive thing mean the usb ports are in use and the drives are just hanging outside the xbox externally or whatever

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  1. Well yes and no. I see what they did. While the xbox 360 comes in multiple sizes 32gb is not standard. 4gb, 20gb, 60gb, 120gb, or 250gb. For a 32gb they are using 2 16gb flash drive via the usb ports. But it is just as easy to go to ebay and buy yourself a hard drive if you really want this system and don’t want to mess with the flash drives.

    Edit: Yes that is what it means. I would say trade, you can buy a 20gb drive for under $20 on ebay or amazon.com Then you’ll have the extra 32gb to use for other things or use when you need the extra space.

  2. Some people do their own harddrives but you don’t even need all that space its not necessary

    but i would say an Xbox for a ipod is a fair trade

    but you might wanna make sure his xbox works!

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