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Is the PS3 aimed at more of an adult audience?


I’ve noticed a lot of M-rated games on the PS3, and very few family games. It just feels like an adult-oriented system since it is very complex, whereas the Wii is something anyone can pick up and play since you don’t have to hold down the power button and reset the settings to get it up and running after plugging it in. That is probably why the PS3 is falling behind the 360 and Wii, because of its high price, complexness and its mass amount of Mature games.

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  1. You’re right! The PS3 is not aimed at kids at all! The price is the first indication of that followed by the genre of games that have been released so far. The Wii is probably the most kid and family friendly console of all three consoles and it’s the most economically priced system as well!

    Sony doomed the PS3 right from the start and as a result, they have never gotten over the hump in terms of sales. Everything Sony managed to get right with the PS1 and PS2, they’ve managed to get wrong with the PS3!

  2. I think is targeted at teenagers so naturally it would have more M rated games. However, the xbox360 has just as many if not more. Both consoles have the same games unless the console owner buys exclusive rights to the game. I wouldn’t say that the ps3 is falling behind because of its complexness. Its just as complex as the xbox 360. Its not too far behind the comeptition. The price is the only real problem. The wii is very family oriented, but its just as complex to turn on as the ps3. On the ps3 all you do is plug it in turn on the switch and press the on button. Same with wii. I have both the wii and the ps3. Both are easy to use. However, I play the ps3 much more. I think the ps3 will eventually come to par with the other sysetems or beat them in sales.

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