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Is the new Xbox worth it? Because I have a Xbox 360 Elite.?


I bought it last Christmas. And no I can’t take it back until there is something wrong with it. A 2 Year warranty.

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  1. If I were you, I would go. It would be better for you to get something that is still actually being sold. The new Slim has a Valhalla chip in it (so I’ve heard) that will not let the system get red rings. But if it starts overheating to a very high temperature (something like keeping it on for 24 Hrs), it’ll shut itself down to cool itself down. The design of the Slim is awesome looking and every thing in the box (controller, console, power brick and power cord, and the A/V cables) are completely black. Which will look nicer next to your tv. The Elite is a very loud system compared to the Slim. I’ve had both and the Slim is noticeably quieter, or “whisper quiet” so they say. Ya the Slim comes with 250 GB Hard Drive and built in Wi-Fi. Insuring you Xbox Live without having to buy the wireless adapter.

    I think it is worth it. Your choice though.

    -Mc. Lovin

  2. It’s a good buy for someone replacing a broken xbox, or new to the xbox.

    Otherwise I advise waiting till your elite brakes, or at least till the $199 version comes out this fall.

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