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Is my PlayStation Dualshock 3 controller fake?


Hi, I recently bought a Dualshock 3 controller off ozgameshop.com. The packaging has all the english writing on it but also has everything rewritten in a different language also (I think it’s french). It looks exactly like this: [url is not allowed]

It has no “offical sony product” picture or sticker anywhere. I cannot open it because if I do and it turns out to be fake, I can’t return it. So since it doesn’t have an official sticker on it does that mean it’s fake? Thanks if you can help me.

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  1. It could be real, but I wouldn’t take the chance personally. I’d definitely send that back and buy from a more reputable company that sources the controller from a US source (or a source from your home country). The last time I bought a dualshock 3 controller off ebay, it indeed turned out to be either a fake or simply incompatible with my console due to it being from the wrong region (I noticed a different model number on the label). Needless to say I never got a refund.

  2. That’s obviously a REAL Sony controller, NOT fake. Just look at it. It has ALL the proper branding. The SONY logo, the PS button in the middle. Plus the SONY labeling on the packaging.

    The only reason it has different language is so OTHER, *foreign* people can read it.

  3. Dont Listen them.

    Packing is not like original ps3 controller

    If you buy this at cheap price than 45 to 50 dollars Then its defonitely fake

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