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Is it worth buying ps2 games when I have a wiiu and ps3?


I have asked this question before and I never really get a clear opinion. It has nothing to do with money I’m grown I can save up to buy ps2 games and a system, but more is it overall worth it to get ps2 games that arnt offerd on psn? Most of what I want is offered on their but are still a few games I would like to play, I just have a hard time deciding is it worth the time and money to get those other games that I haven’t played before or finished that are great when I have a ps3 and wiiu. When I was a kid I had a ps2 with only a few games an my parents pretty much rented me games so because I didn’t have a lot of games for it I traded it in to get a ps3 (when it didn’t have backwards compatability) but a part of me tells me yea sure go ahead and another part tells me to just move on and deal with the fact I didn’t really have any ps2 games when I had one and just download what I can on psn.

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  1. Bro, I bought a PS2 yesterday and a bunch of games, which only cost 3 dollars each. PS2 is beast, man. It’s fine

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