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Is it ok to place a PS3 in an entertainment unit like this one (pic)?


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This is similar to my entertainment unit.

I know it produces heat, and it won’t overheat cuz it ain’t a 360.

Right now I have the console on top of desk in an open well ventilated area. But it gets a lot of dust on it. I want to put it in the unit so it gets less dust. Is the 1 in the picture ok to use?

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  1. Looks like it might be good.The PS3 tends to get hot around the area under where the power button is, as that is where the exhaust is. So I’d place it in the bottom-middle square, slightly shifted to the left, so the exhaust has more room to release heat. I don’t have an entertainment unit in my room, so what I do is lay a towel on the ground, place the PS3 on it, then fold it over the system when it’s not in use; this keeps dust off. I then take it off when I use the PS3, and it does not overheat, as it is just sitting on the floor in the middle of my room. That’s a cheap and (at least for me) effective way of preventing dust build up.

  2. I think that it might be o.k. to put the PS3 in the entertainment unit, but I don’t really recommend it though.

    If you do put the PS3 in this entertainment unit, it need to be positioned so that it is as far away from the back of entertaiment unit as possible because the PS3 needs a lot of space in the back so that all of the hot air can be pushed out without heat building up in a small area in the back of the unit.

    Once you get the PS3, you’ll see how warm it can really get, because it can get really warm even if it’s out in the open, but I really recommend that you have the PS3 out in the open. The best place to put the PS3 would probably be on top of the entertainment unit.

  3. itll be good, mine is even more confined lol. O yea, the reason why it looks so dusty is because of the paint job on the PS3, very shiny so you notice the dust. A Ps2 would prob collect around the same amount it’s just u dont notice

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